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[Latest News] Sunrise participated in 14th International Garment, Textile, Digital PrintingMachinery And Accessories Exhibition & Conference
From May 1 to 4, the 14th International Garment, Textile, Digital PrintingMachinery And Accessories Exhibition & Conference (hereinafter referred to as "IGATEX PAKISTAN") was held in EXPO CENTRE LAHORE . "Risun Intelligent and Sunrise" with intelligent suspension system series products debut, for th
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[Latest News] Target Corporation of the United States visited the Risun Intelligent Daochang
On October 12, the representatives of Target Group, the second largest retailer in the United States, visited the Risun Intelligent Daochang in Ningbo, China, and entered the intelligent manufacturing integrated factory to feel the powerment of "China's Intelligent manufacturing"!
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[Latest News] Clothing intelligent manufacturing "star factory" Gaozhou Jiadu intelligent manufacturing road
Gaozhou Jiadu Garment is a famous garment manufacturing enterprise in western Guangdong, and is well known for its "smart +" 5G smart factory in the intelligent manufacturing industry in China. How does it achieve the integration of the whole factory's intelligent manufacturing?
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[Latest News] Yiyun Home textile: Let home textile wisdom to the world
Domestic sales and export orders continue to grow, so that the textile industry economy continues to climb. For Tongxiang Yiyun home textiles, behind the "warm spring" is the intelligent creation rooted in the development of technology to enable manufacturing.
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[Latest News] How will manufacturing change if factories are "cloned" into the cloud?
How will it change to "clone" a factory to the cloud and realize all the production functions in your mind to guide the actual production? In the process of manufacturing, the use of digital twin system technology to realize the optimization and upgrading of the industry will boost China's intelligent manufacturing to a higher level. In this issue, Risun smart manufacturing expert will answer why the manufacturing industry needs digital twins from three aspects: content, value and application?
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