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Clothing intelligent manufacturing "star factory" Gaozhou Jiadu intelligent manufacturing road

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Clothing intelligent manufacturing "star factory" Gaozhou Jiadu intelligent manufacturing road

Gaozhou Jiadu Garment is a famous garment manufacturing enterprise in western Guangdong, and is well known for its "smart +" 5G smart factory in the intelligent manufacturing industry in China. How does it achieve the integration of the whole factory's intelligent manufacturing? How to create a 5-minute efficient assembly line from cut pieces to garments?


Gaozhou in the west of Guangdong Province is a manufacturing and processing cluster industrial area in South China. Diligence and wisdom guide Gaozhou people to create a happy future. Gaozhou Jiadu Garment Co., LTD., a large Hong Kong-funded garment manufacturer integrating R&D, design and production, focuses on knitting and woven sportswear, and provides strategic cooperation services for Decathlon, Anta, Li Ning and other brands for a long time.


In the production workshop of 4,000 square meters, more than 5,000 sets of production machinery and equipment are arranged neatly, and all processes rely on the digital intelligent system to run and monitor in real time. The whole factory intelligent intelligent manufacturing integration landing, bringing it an annual output of more than 20 million pieces, a daily output of about 20,000 pieces, from cutting pieces to clothing, the fastest 5 minutes to complete the smart factory.

Throughout the history of Jiadu, with a global vision to break the mindset, when China's intelligent manufacturing is popular, in 2014, Jiadu joined hands with Risun intelligent intelligent manufacturing integrated system solutions. The two sides work together to build the whole plant intelligent conveyor line, intelligent suspension production and sorting system, quickly improve production efficiency, and insert scientific and technological wings for woven processing and manufacturing.

Gaozhou Jiadu garment mainly solves the following problems:The space of the whole plant is large, and the efficiency of manual transportation is reduced. Large order volume, efficiency to continue to improve; The production process and product quality should be strictly controlled.


In the "Overall Layout Plan for Digital China Construction" issued by The State Council on February 27, it is clear that: Digital China construction is laid out in accordance with the overall framework of "2522", that is, consolidating the "two foundations" of digital infrastructure and data resource system, strengthening the "two capabilities" of digital technology innovation system and digital security barrier, which for domestic manufacturing enterprises, once again sounded the sprint horn of digital intelligent transformation.

As a pioneer in the field of woven garment processing, Gaozhou Jiadu Garment takes the lead in the layout of intelligent manufacturing strategy and leads the development of industry manufacturing.

How to further improve production efficiency? How to realize the whole plant equipment intelligent IoT?

The whole factory iot, one hang to the end

In the workshop of Gaozhou Jiadu clothing, from the beginning of the fabric storage, the whole factory digital system began to orderly transport work. Combined with the on-site automatic layering machine, intelligent cutting bed, intelligent cutting library equipment, the entire pre-sewing process is orderly.

All the cut fabric will rise to the second floor platform through the Rising intelligent hanging sorting system, which is like riding a roller coaster in the air and constantly circulating to the next process. This effectively solves the problems of poor turnover rate, long manual fixed-point transfer/handling path and high labor cost in traditional garment manufacturing.


In the sewing area, more than 600 sewing positions are arranged neatly. A piece of semi-finished sports clothing is transferred through the hanging line, and is accurately transported to the corresponding station by a group of tracks. The worker removes the cut piece from the hanger, finishes his work and then puts it back on the clip, and the material is immediately delivered to the next person. This not only greatly reduces the time of handling the clothes, but also ensures the cleanliness of the clothes.

Gaozhou Jiadu Garment factory adopts RISING intelligent suspension production system S78, S160, S180 models, combined with the production needs of the factory to effectively land. Therefore, the system chain and track adopt patented design to ensure the stability of mechanical operation and the safety and cleanliness of the environment. Flat swing in and out of the track changing mechanism, no need to remove the cutting piece sewing, greatly improve the production speed of clothing sewing.



Based on the intelligent manufacturing needs of Gaozhou Jiadu garment manufacturing with large daily output, multi-order, multi-style and multi-size production at the same time, Rising designed a cross-regional multi-layer and zoning intelligent hanging sorting system. Through the transmission chain, the sewing completed garment is effectively connected with the quality inspection, ironing, and packaging processes, solving the basic transportation and handling actions, and assisting the workers in the production workshop to quickly and error-free standardized production. Automatic sorting, unmanned transportation, automatic storage and delivery, etc., are the preferred way to save labor costs, operating costs and space costs, and achieve improved efficiency.



After entering the dehumidification temporary storage line, the intelligent sorting system will automatically screen, drop off and pack all the finished products to be packaged through coding identification and coordination with the smart belt conveyor and intelligent high-speed sorting system of Risun Intelligent. Finally, it enters the intelligent three-dimensional warehouse and waits for the warehouse to be released.

The whole factory intelligent system solution created by Risun Intelligent for Gaozhou Jiadu Garment company effectively improves the current working environment, shipment management quality, improve work efficiency and save manpower handling needs, so as to achieve labor saving, process rationalization and automation. Through the integration of advanced development vision and intelligent manufacturers, Gaozhou Jiadu Garment makes full use of information technology to promote industrial change and build digital smart factories.

"Wisdom" enables the future

In the era of digitalization, automation and intelligent production, the hardware and software of digital intelligence will be the core advantage of enterprise competition. Not only "fast", but also "intelligent".

Gaozhou Jiadu Garment to create a "5G smart factory", to realize the interconnection of the digital system of the whole factory, to achieve the data collaboration of the production line and supply chain, and to simplify, standardize and digitize management from a lean perspective, so as to deeply land the flexible production and manufacturing.


In the Risun intelligent hanging production and sorting system, there is a kanban at the end of each column, showing the production target, output, standard compliance rate, rework rate, and staff process completion rate. On the main panel, information such as the number and capacity of hangers in the station can be monitored.

Relying on MES system, automatic collection of production data, intelligent grouping to achieve production line balance, and the bottleneck process automatic alarm notification team leader, easy for managers to quickly dreg the bottleneck track, improve production efficiency.

Quilting station, wrapping station, inspection station, ironing station, between different areas through the storage, cross-layer line hanging, starting from the cutting line, according to the production plan set by the database, the chip inside the hanger to achieve automatic screening of matching stations. Break the mode of the original decentralized system to fight for itself, reduce the difficulty of the operation of technical operators, so that the novice can also operate online, so that the skilled hands are more efficient. This effectively improves productivity and artificial energy efficiency, reduces the defective rate, and the whole process is visualized, controllable, and refined.


On the basis of solidly promoting the manufacturing process of enterprises, Gaozhou Jiadu Garment fully releases the amplification, superposition and multiplication effect of digital technology on the development of enterprises, so that the key variable of scientific and technological innovation becomes the largest increment of development and an important factor to enhance the value of enterprise brand.

Effect data:realize the whole plant iot; Solve the problems of high manpower consumption and slow efficiency; To realize the convenience of process flow, lean production management, the whole process automation; Help the factory achieve the goal of 60,000-100,000 pieces per day and steady increase in annual output.


The heart of innovation, leading the way of Gaozhou Jiadu garment innovation. Keep pace with The Times, constantly improve their own strength, adjust the production mode, use the advantages of science and technology to improve production capacity and production mode, with better service, faster speed, better order quality, to serve customers.


Today, Jiadu Group is about to open a new round of intelligent intelligent manufacturing upgrade, Risun intelligent will continue to lead the product technology and professional services for its escort, a common book intelligent buildin.