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Intelligent Sorting System
SUNRISE intelligent sorting system can give full play to the advantages of fast speed, multiple destinations, high efficiency, low error rate and basically realize intelligent and unmanned operation, and is widely used in many industries and fields. Risun intelligent sorting system can be reasonably configured according to customer's needs to effectively improve factory operation efficiency, operation cost, operation quality and user satisfaction with high efficiency and low error rate.
This sorting system is suitable for all kinds of garments after packing. It can accurately identify goods at high speed, with extremely low error rate. The soft sorting action has little impact on the goods. It can sort goods at high speed for a long time, and the sorting capacity can reach per hour. 6000 pieces. The system automatically processes data records, and can share real-time data information with the company's existing ERP management system.
Optional functions include: remote sorting or assembly operations, automatic coding, automatic labeling, automatic calculation of cargo volume, automatic weighing of cargo, and video traceability platform.  
The system can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the enterprise, save the production cost and management cost of the enterprise, and improve the intelligence and management level of the enterprise.
  Sorting efficiency increased by more than 40%
  24 hours continuous operation
  The error rate is as low as 99.99%
 Realize unmanned operation