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Intelligent Warehousing And Logistics System
Intelligent warehousing is a part of the logistics process. The application of intelligent warehousing ensures the speed and accuracy of data input in all aspects of cargo warehouse management, ensures that enterprises can grasp the real data of inventory in a timely and accurate manner, and reasonably maintain and control enterprise inventory. Through scientific coding, it is also convenient to manage the batch and shelf life of inventory goods. Using the system's location management function, it is possible to grasp the current location of all inventory goods in time, which is conducive to improving the work efficiency of warehouse management.
The Hanging Intelligent Sorting 
And Warehousing System
 Is mainly aimed at the work requirements of group uniform customization and private clothing customization and storage, screening, sorting, and matching. The system adopts a three-dimensional and high-efficiency automatic storage mode and an automatic unmanned sorting system. The overall layout is efficient and reasonable, which can help you minimize the warehouse.
When in stock, the maximum inventory turnover rate can be achieved, and the production can be customized according to the actual space and needs of customers.
The unit positioning mark is used for storage, which can effectively ensure the safety of the goods, reduce the damage of the goods, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of the operation rate. At the same time, the suspended structure mode is adopted to effectively save and make full use of floor space, manpower, operation time and operating costs. Unmanned automatic sorting and matching,
High precision and high efficiency, the daily processing capacity of the application is 30,000 pieces.