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Sunrise participated in 14th International Garment, Textile, Digital PrintingMachinery And Accessories Exhibition & Conference

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Sunrise participated in 14th International Garment, Textile, Digital PrintingMachinery And Accessories Exhibition & Conference

From May 1 to 4, the 14th International Garment, Textile, Digital PrintingMachinery And Accessories Exhibition & Conference (hereinafter referred to as "IGATEX PAKISTAN") was held in EXPO CENTRE LAHORE . "Risun Intelligent and Sunrise" with intelligent suspension system series products debut, for the global textile and garment industry elites to bring a wonderful feast of science and technology.


As one of the largest apparel, textile machinery and accessories exhibitions in South Asia, IGATEX PAKISTAN has gone through a 14-year history to become the most important one-stop purchasing center in South Asia.

With the rise of the smart manufacturing trend in the textile and garment industry in South Asia, Sunrise's brand direct office has attracted the attention of many apparel enterprises in the region since its establishment. This time, Sunrise will "move the whole factory solution of intelligent manufacturing in the apparel field to the scene". And focus on the display of the ace products - Sunrise intelligent suspension system S7 series and S5 sorting reservoir area, to come to the exhibition to provide new and old customers with new intelligent solutions, common exchanges, explore the efficient manufacturing of textile and clothing digital intelligence development.



During the exhibition, the crowd of people at the booth of Sunrise was very busy, and customers from all over the world had a basic understanding of the product system, service content and landing cases of Sunrise's clothing smart manufacturing whole factory through the way of exhibition board introduction, product operation and on-site explanation, and communicated with the engineers of  Sunrise on enterprise needs and smart manufacturing solutions.



Sunrise intelligent suspension system can not only help enterprises realize the whole process from cutting pieces to the garment line without landing, cross-regional high-speed and stable transportation and intelligent sorting, with AI, DTS algorithm and IoT technology for enterprises to build a production management digital platform, to achieve intelligent visual real-time production control. The combination of hardware and software can rapidly improve the production efficiency, standardized operation level, and intelligent management ability of the whole plant number, which can achieve an average of 20%-30% increase in production efficiency and reduce management costs by about 30%. Sunrise can tailor a number of services to your production needs, and we sincerely want to help your business."


The continuous flow of people has attracted more customers to stop, and there are many media competing to report on the Sunrise brand. Anwo, our overseas intelligent manufacturing service engineer, conducted in-depth communication with media reporters on the company's strength, products and services, and shared the advantages, achievements and future prospects of  Sunrise in the process of helping the global textile and garment factory intelligent manufacturing integration transformation.

The 4-day IGATEX PAKISTAN came to a successful end, and the service of Risun has just begun. In this exhibition, Sunrise has gained the favor of a large number of South Asian customers. After a simple exchange at the exhibition, our intelligent engineering team is quickly sorting out customer needs and developing intelligent solutions to truly serve every customer and live up to expectations.



This debut in IGATEX PAKISTAN is an opportunity for Sunrise to showcase itself, while the bigger stage will be in the field of customer project services.Sunrise knows that only mature and stable product technology and professional and high-quality intelligent manufacturing services can effectively help customers land the whole plant intelligent manufacturing project, win a good reputation in the market, and steadily move toward the goal of becoming the world's leading intelligent manufacturing system solution.

Risun intelligent,Sunrise and customers win-win, create a better future!