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Target Corporation of the United States visited the Risun Intelligent Daochang

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-10-12      Origin: Site

On October 12, the representatives of Target Group, the second largest retailer in the United States, visited the Risun Intelligent Daochang in Ningbo, China, and entered the intelligent manufacturing integrated factory to feel the powerment of "China's Intelligent manufacturing"!


In the Intelligent Daochang, the Target  team took a close look at the 2.0 version of the clothing intelligent manufacturing integrated factory built by Risun, and witnessed the digitalization, automation and intelligence of the whole process of a garment from the fabric to be finished.



The visiting team can not only saw the efficient operation process of intelligent equipment at close range, but also viewed the production dynamics of current orders in real time in the digital enabling platform, and jointly felt the infinite charm of intelligent clothing.

Through the new VR technology, we can deeply appreciate the wisdom and power given by AI algorithm and Internet of Things technology to the clothing industry.


The leading equipment and technological processes displayed at the Risun Intelligent Daochang, giving the visiting team a higher expectation for the apparel manufacturers served by Rising worldwide.

Based on the new demand and new trend of the upstream and downstream industry chain of the manufacturing industry,Risun Intelligent continues to move forward on the road of technological innovation, and is more suitable for the current order requirements of retailers and brands, helping manufacturing factories to achieve a jump in the digital intelligence of enterprise strength.