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Yiyun Home textile: Let home textile wisdom to the world

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-01      Origin: Site

Domestic sales and export orders continue to grow, so that the textile industry economy continues to climb. For Tongxiang Yiyun home textiles, behind the "warm spring" is the intelligent creation rooted in the development of technology to enable manufacturing.


In China's home textile map, Zhejiang Tongxiang is very bright, here is "China's home textile fabric famous town", the total industrial output value of more than 90% from the home textile industry.

Zhejiang Yiyun Home Textile Technology Co., LTD., is one of the best, after ten years of development, has become a leading enterprise in the textile industry in Tongxiang City, and is also one of the representatives of China's home textile manufacturing industry going abroad under the CCTV lens.


Yiyun Home textile is deeply engaged in the design and development of high-grade bedding, the research and development of duvet bedding, the production and marketing of textile raw materials and other fields, and constantly innovate technology, attach importance to production input and intelligent development, and actively embrace the new trend of intelligent development of the industry, reaching an annual output of 10 million sets, the output value of 400 million development scale.

In 2019, Yiyun Home Textile met Risun Intelligent on the road of intelligent manufacturing exploration, and the two sides worked together to build an intelligent production line, rapidly improve production efficiency, and insert scientific and technological wings for home textile manufacturing.

Yiyun home textile mainly solve the following problems: peak season labor shortage, high labor costs; The traditional production mode leads to the blind area of quality control. The production schedule is not controllable, the quasi-delivery rate cannot be improved is the norm, and it is impossible to quickly complete the line.


"Market-oriented, consumer demand as the entry point, traffic as the core, driven by the core competitiveness of enterprises." This is a new trend and new direction for the development and innovation of China's home textile industry.

In the face of the growing market demand, Yiyun home Textiles closely combines enterprise development with scientific and technological empowerment.

How to achieve real-time production tracking? How to improve product quality, packaging delivery rate? How does the machine approach empower human pressure?

Intelligent production flow workshop

Entering the quilting workshop of Yiyun Home textile, as long as the digital process is entered, the smart suspension system can complete the full sewing process of a quilt for 1 week, the backstage implementation of the system to master the production progress, and the problem can be found the corresponding part of the first time to correct.


S100 intelligent suspension system model, is widely used in home textiles, down jackets, home, auto parts and other fields, with ceiling installation, horizontal swing in and out of the rail mechanism, no need to remove the cut piece sewing, greatly improve the production speed of Yiyun home textiles. Relying on MES system, automatic collection of production data, intelligent grouping to achieve production line balance, and the bottleneck process automatic alarm notification team leader, easy for managers to quickly dreg the bottleneck track, improve production efficiency. To control the production situation, intelligent analysis of data, to achieve the purpose of cost reduction and efficiency.

Let enterprises go faster, the speed of technological reform faster, the crisis into an opportunity, and then create a winning opportunity.

Transnational grab orders, improve added value

In the beginning of 2023, overseas customers have surged in inquiry, and raw material prices have risen, directly affecting the profit margin of downstream industries, and doubling the pressure on enterprises to operate.

External costs rise, only through internal control innovation can alleviate the pressure. "Through the automatic transportation and sorting of the production line, the labor is reduced by one third," Jiang Yongliang, general manager of Yiyun Home Textile, said.


55 quilting stations, 37 wrapping stations, 26 inspection stations, through 330 meters of storage, cross-layer line hanging, starting from the cutting line, according to the production plan set by the database, the chip inside the hanger to achieve automatic screening of matching stations. Break the mode of the original decentralized system to fight for itself, reduce the difficulty of the operation of technical operators, so that the novice can also operate online, so that the skilled hands are more efficient. Effectively improve productivity and artificial energy efficiency, reduce the defective rate, the whole process visualization, controllable, fine.

Results data: Labor costs reduced by one-third; Enterprise sales and self-operated imports and exports rose year-on-year


How can textile enterprises effectively link the impact of rising costs? Yiyun home textile through the intelligent upgrading of the crisis into a winning opportunity, constantly improve their own strength, adjust the production mode, improve the quality of orders, so that enterprises have enough strength and confidence, travel the country, to the world.


Risun Intelligent will continue to use excellent technology and quality service to help customers grow and help China intelligent manufacturing. Win-win with customers, create a better future!