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The "giant" of intelligent warehousing to avoid material confusion for factory

Views: 19     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-02      Origin: Site

The "giant" of intelligent warehousing to avoid material confusion for factory

The environment of traditional manufacturing factories is chaotic, and clothes are stacked randomly in the aisle. You are upset when you see it, and the customers are stunned when they visit, which also affects the production efficiency of the factory.

If you want to keep the finished products in order and reduce human transportation, you may want to know about the "intelligent three-dimensional storage system". How to make full use of the height of the plant to solve the problem of space and storage? How to change the traditional logistics mode and build the warehouse into a logistics center?

In this issue, Risun Intelligence will take you to know the intelligent warehousing system from three aspects: concept, application and trend.

01 New concept of logistics is to have both software and hardware

With the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, the term "three-dimensional storage" is no longer a strange vocabulary. The three-dimensional warehouse is a new concept in logistics warehousing, that is, the use of three-dimensional warehouse equipment to realize the rationalization of the high-level warehouse, the automation of access, and the simplification of operation. Shelves with several floors, or dozens of floors gradually appear in the workshops of major industries. To a certain extent, three-dimensional warehousing has changed the operation mode of most warehouses and brought huge economic benefits to enterprises. In other words, it greatly improves the vertical space utilization rate of the plant, makes the ground clean and tidy, and the computer operates autonomously, improves the efficiency of raw material cutting in and out of the warehouse, and increases the production capacity.


In addition to a series of hardware structures such as three-dimensional shelves, roadway stackers, warehousing platforms, outbound platforms, AGV and OHT robots, the software system is the key to the intelligent three-dimensional warehouse system. An excellent intelligent three-dimensional warehouse system can be roughly divided into three parts: WCS system responsible for warehousing business logic, machinery and equipment to complete automatic warehousing and accurate stacking of goods, and WMS system to optimize warehouse functions.


WCS system (warehouse control system) is a software application used to guide real-time activities in warehouses and distribution centers (DC). As the "traffic policeman" of the warehouse/distribution center, WCS is responsible for keeping everything running smoothly and maximizing the efficiency of the material handling subsystem. Generally, the activities of the warehouse will also be interrelated. It provides a unified interface for a wide range of material handling equipment, such as AS/RS, conveyor belt, conveyor system, sorter, stacker, etc. The perfect combination of the software system and hardware equipment can avoid the risk of chaos for your factory and make the factory more efficient!

WMS system (warehouse management system) is a standardized and intelligent process-oriented warehouse management software. It combines the actual situation and management experience of many well-known enterprises, and can accurately and efficiently manage and track customer orders, purchase orders, and comprehensive warehouse management.

Only by integrating the three can we become the core hub of the intelligent factory production line, establish a seamless bridge in the sales order - raw material storage - production center, and become a complete engineering logistics distribution center guided by data, intelligence and informatization. The powerful function of the intelligent warehousing system makes it a real factory "giant"!

02 Energy saving and efficiency enhancement, more safety and strength

As we all know, in the process of product production, the time spent on processing and manufacturing only accounts for a small part of the total production time, and most of the time is spent in the logistics and transportation link. In the logistics and transportation link, the storage cost of goods accounts for a large proportion, and it is difficult to maintain the survival of an enterprise only by relying on the production and manufacturing process itself to obtain profits. Therefore, the most fundamental problem is how to improve the efficiency of goods storage and reduce the cost of goods storage, so as to bring greater economic benefits.

As one of the main components of intelligent factory, in addition to the benefits of saving land area through high-rise shelves, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse system also plays an important role in the two major handling waste and serious links of warehousing and outbound.

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So, how does it operate?

1. Warehousing process: when the goods are warehoused, the transportation system is used to transport the goods to the warehouse platform, and the barcode recognition system is used to scan the code for reading. The control system judges whether to enter the warehouse and the location coordinates according to the barcode information. When the warehousing is determined, the system will send the warehousing instruction to the execution system, and the roadway stacker will accurately place the goods into the corresponding location through automatic addressing to complete the warehousing operation.

2. Ex-warehouse process: after receiving the order information, the employees input the goods information into the system according to the requirements, and according to the far side production ex-warehouse instructions such as first in first out and uniform ex-warehouse, the control system arranges the execution system according to the instructions. Similarly, the roadway stacker completes the ex warehouse operation, takes out the goods in the corresponding warehouse location, and places them on the ex-warehouse platform.

The above operations can be completed only by employees operating computers. Compared with traditional warehouses, it greatly reduces the labor intensity of employees, avoids human errors, improves the level of warehouse management and digitization, eliminates the potential safety hazards caused by employees driving high-level forklifts, and greatly improves the handling speed.

03 Follow the trend and become a good helper for industry transformation

Intelligent manufacturing equipment is an important embodiment of the deep integration of informatization and industrialization. It is of great significance to improve production efficiency, technical level and product quality, reduce energy and resource consumption, and realize the intelligent, precise and green development of manufacturing process.

As intelligent manufacturing equipment, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse system was first used in the pharmaceutical industry. However, with the wave of industrial digital transformation, the concepts of flexible manufacturing, big data integration, factory intelligence, digital twins and so on have too high requirements for logistics technology. The logistics in factories and warehouses must be accompanied by parallel information flow. Thus, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, cushion manufacturing, tobacco manufacturing, clothing manufacturing and other industries have joined the use of intelligent three-dimensional warehouse system, and such high-tech products have indeed become good helpers in all walks of life.

"Giant" is just the appearance of equipment. The digital application concept contained in it will plug in a further take-off position for each manufacturing enterprise and provide energy for the transformation of manufacturing industry. When digitalization helps enterprises to improve their production capacity, made in China will become an industrial giant and stand tall in the world.