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How does Luolai Lifestyle intelligently build the future?

Views: 22     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-12-30      Origin: Site

How does Luolai Lifestyle intelligently build the future?

Over the past hundred years, Nantong has become the primary coordinate of the development of China's modern national textile industry. Over the past hundred years, vigorous efforts have bred the seeds of life and development of Luolai. As a leading textile brand in China, intelligent manufacturing road of Luolai Lifestyle is in the forefront of the times and industry.

In 1992, when the market economy was just sown and nurtured in China, Nantong Luolai Lifestyle Technology CO.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Luolai Lifestyle) planted the dream of "leading the national textile brand into the lives of thousands of families and onto the world stage".

In the past 30 years, Luolai Lifestyle has been committed to continuously improving the quality of consumers' home life, focusing on the core concept of "health, comfort and beauty", providing consumers with high-quality home textile products and services, and constantly meeting their needs. As a leading enterprise in China's home textile industry, Luolai Lifestyle has won many honors such as "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands", "National Inspection free Products", etc.

As one of the first domestic textile enterprises to explore the development of intelligent production, Luolai Lifestyle began to explore transformation and upgrading around 2014, introducing advanced domestic equipment and actively cooperating with intelligent manufacturing suppliers. Because of this, Risun Intelligent has been able to get close to Luolai Lifestyle and help the construction and development of intelligent chemical plants.

Luolai Lifestyle mainly solves the following problems:

1. The rapid development does not match the production scale;

2. Improve automation level, reduce labor consumption and prevent production failures;

3. Transformation from extensive production to fine production.

Small production scale, extensive products, serious homogenization and high labor intensity have always been common problems in textile enterprises. How to transform and upgrade from a single product production to a cross industry and cross region "big home textile" and "big home"? This prompted Luolai Lifestyle to strengthen its efforts in intelligent production, information management, digital operation and other aspects.

How to shorten the production cycle and reduce costs and increase efficiency? How to realize the connection and efficiency improvement of the whole product process? How to reduce labor consumption and prevent production failures?

  • Upgrade digital intelligence and innovate traditional production mode

For manufacturing enterprises, flying paper documents and telephones are the traditional mode of inter department collaboration. This will not only easily lead to information errors and unclear data, but also slow down the production progress and affect the entire production cycle due to the cumbersome communication process.

Luolai Lifestyle digitally upgraded the production sales process. Relying on the MES system, based on the Internet of Things RFID card and Risun intelligent suspension system, it accurately retrieved the processing plan, accurately sent the cutting pieces to each site, automatically collected production data through the MES system, intelligently analyzed the production line balance, and automatically notified the team leader of the bottleneck process alarm, which is convenient for managers to quickly clear the bottleneck path and improve production efficiency.


Through RFID card, the process information, sample card information, auxiliary material information, size information, etc. of the style process can be automatically retrieved. When encountering new processes, employees can quickly go to work through standard video guidance. Relying on the intelligent production platform, realize the transmission from manual to suspension line, and realize the intelligent digital transmission of garment sewing.

The S-80 model of Risun intelligent suspension system selected by Luolai Lifestyle can be equipped with a dedicated home textile hanger to carry new products from the public. The cross zone and cross floor transportation area saves labor costs. At the same time, in the production software system, you can easily and quickly carry out production planning, intelligent scheduling, intelligent distribution of processes and other functions, control the production situation, intelligently analyze data, and achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Promoting intelligent manufacturing is an inevitable choice for the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry and maintaining competitiveness. This is not a multiple choice question, but a required answer.


  • Product manufacturing process does not fall into place

From the perspective of the textile industry as a whole, it is generally faced with challenges such as difficult employment and recruitment, production efficiency and product quality to be improved, high pressure on energy consumption and environmental protection, and decline in orders due to changes in the trade environment.

Traditionally, the inventory management of fabrics, semi-finished products and finished products on the production line of textile enterprises is "linear", and all information cannot be shared, causing confusion in the entire production workshop. Through intelligent means, archive management is carried out for all production fabrics, bar codes are prepared, forming a "reticulation" management, and online and offline automatic circulation.

In production, the same software configuration and operation interface are combined to realize real-time monitoring, defect identification and classification, defective rework and other visual management in the production process.


In 2019 and 2022, during the reconstruction and construction of Luolai Life Factory, Risun Intelligent will apply a new generation of intelligent suspension system to furttyleher optimize the production efficiency and process speed, so as to realize green, environment-friendly and healthy manufacturing without landing the product manufacturing process.

Through the Risun intelligent suspension system, starting from the production plan set in the database, the fabric will be transferred to the designated process station along with the hanger of the suspension line according to the production plan set in the database, breaking the original decentralized system, reducing the operational difficulty of the technical operators, intuitively and clearly showing the real-time production data of the whole plant, facilitating flexible and lean management and resource scheduling.

In this way, in line with the current situation of small orders, high customization and few skilled workers, the problems caused by traditional factory labor, such as raw material confusion, process errors and omissions, and multiple orders confusion, should be solved. Sixteen intelligent suspension production lines enable the production process to be digitalized, transparent and visualized. The workshop efficiency has been improved by about 30%, and the defective rate has been significantly reduced.

In recent years, industrial Internet and other new generation information technologies are helping the textile industry to transform and upgrade to digital and intelligent. After nearly ten years of layout development and digital intelligence upgrading, Luolai Lifestyle has reached the production scale of 6 million pieces of quilts, 4.5 million sets of single sets and 5 million pillow cores per year.


Effect Data:

1. The annual production capacity is 6 million pieces, 4.5 million sets of single kit, and 5 million pillow cores;

2. The production efficiency has been improved by 20% - 30%, the product manufacturing process has not been implemented, and green, environmental and healthy manufacturing has been achieved.

The vision of Luolai Lifestyle is to "become a global leader in the home furnishing industry and a respected enterprise for a century". Every year, tens of millions of dollars are invested in the introduction of intelligent equipment and technological transformation. Through the establishment of intelligent production lines, intelligent workshops and intelligent factories, Luolai Lifestyle will step by step become the benchmark of digital factories in the home textile industry, and also promote enterprises to become intelligent in China, to the world, and to embrace innovation.

Thanks for the trust of Luolai Lifestyle, and sincerely wish the cause to reach another peak!

Risun Intelligent will continue to help customers grow and help China's intelligent manufacturing with excellent technology and quality services. Win win with customers and create the future together!