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Fast, new and trendy, how to make the fashion industry more profitable?

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-26      Origin: Site

The affluence of material life has driven people to a higher pursuit of fashion, leading to the continuous development of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain. Under the wave of intelligence, technology empowers fashion, quickly solving the various pain points faced by the industry, keeping fast, new and trendy, making the road of fashion intelligence imperative.


To be fast but also to Stable

In the fashion industry, the competitiveness of enterprises is reflected in the "fast", who can respond to market demand faster who can occupy the market earlier, and make every aspect of business decisions are more "accurate", "make business more profitable "These are the two most important abilities of a fashion business.

Garment manufacturing is an important component of the fashion industry, the operational efficiency is generally low, the style is variable, the process is complex and other characteristics cause a high degree of dependence on skilled workers, long plagued the development of the industry. China's apparel market size will reach 4 trillion in 2023, the level of consumption is rising, and from the satisfaction of basic material needs to fashion, culture, brand tilt, which requires the fashion industry continue to push the new, for the enterprise internal how to reform the previous large single mode, to more single small single change? How to transform from a labor-intensive heavy asset enterprise? Armed with digitalization, automation and intelligence? Has become the new path of development of the fashion industry with clothing manufacturing as the core.


Photo / JOEONE& Ruisheng intelligent workshop

Mature IoT technology for the fashion industry to provide sufficient digital transformation soil. RuiSheng intelligence for each customer factory for detailed database planning, from order data to delivery out of the warehouse, the whole process of data collection and software manipulation interconnection, adapted to various application scenarios. The information data center of Jiumu Wang's intelligent intelligent manufacturing production workshop built by RuiSheng is composed of four systems: RFID data collection, intelligent suspension system, intelligent packaging and sorting system, and intelligent robots, and through the matching software design to connect to Jiumu Wang's original data system, through the entire data flow, to realize the connection between terminal sales data and workshop production data, while real-time display in the central command system for control.

For fashion enterprises themselves or OEM customers: the AI digital twin empowerment platform can see the whole production process in advance, simulate the whole production process, and can monitor the production big data integration system to grasp the actual production information. It facilitates the laying out and promotion of fashion brand terminal sales channels, capturing the sales market and diverting fashion trends.


Photo/Ruisheng Intelligent AI digital twin platform

For business operation management: the same production supervisor can now manage more production lines, production scheduling, real-time data detection, abnormal item alarm, automatic output distribution and other functions, making the factory efficiency greatly improved.

Without the control of "data brain", the equipment is just a simple substitute for manual work. Let the dormant big data in the information system play a value, help enterprises to analyze and forecast, make more efficient and effective management decisions than the human brain, in order to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises into the fast lane.

Make production more "new"

Standardized and efficient production is the common goal of all manufacturing enterprises. The harsh reality is: not only is it difficult to recruit and train skilled workers, but also leads to unstable production capacity and high defective rate, which makes the development of the fashion industry face a dilemma.

Intelligent equipment is an important prerequisite for achieving high precision, high quality and high efficiency production in garment production. Especially in the context of rising labor costs, improving the intelligence level of garment equipment has become an important means to improve labor productivity and product quality in the garment industry.

As one of the first domestic suppliers to enter the field of garment smart manufacturing, Ruisheng intelligence for thousands of garment enterprises to carry out intelligent smart manufacturing integrated system solutions for the implementation of the work.


Through the introduction of intelligent equipment to change the traditional production model. For example, RuiSheng intelligent hanging system, the garment parts cut pieces hung on intelligent machines, different process parts, after intelligent identification, sent to the corresponding station to complete, after unified into the screening area, intelligent hanging system for automatic matching of parts, efficiency increased by 20-30%. Real-time detection can be realized for defects in garment production, detecting defects such as leaking stitches, bumping stitches, oil stains and holes in the garment production process, reducing the use of labor.


Photo/South Asia Group & Ruisheng Intelligent Suspension System

With intelligent system equipment to promote the production of the whole process of human-machine cooperation, to create a standardized, automated, efficient production line, so that the road of fashion intelligent manufacturing to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Intelligent wave to empower the future of fashion

Over the years, the fashion centered industry chain has continued to carry out intelligent construction, from the promotion of information technology to the stage of digitalization, automation and intelligent depth integration.

As an effective grip to build a modern industrial system, intelligent transformation will push the pace of intelligent products, equipment, processes, management and services in the fashion industry to accelerate, promote the formation of a new innovation system, production methods and industrial forms, the formation of new models such as intelligent manufacturing, network manufacturing, green manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing, the emergence of new business models such as digital economy, platform economy and sharing economy, and the industry The transformation and upgrading of industry has accelerated to a broader scope, deeper level and higher level.