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JOEONE and Risun work together to build intelligent production workshops

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JOEONE and Risun work together to build intelligent production workshops

In 2016, at the beginning of the trend of intelligent transformation, in order to further lead the industry, speed up enterprise transformation, and effectively improve production capacity, JOEONE and Risun joined hands to build suit pants intelligent manufacturing workshops. With the joint efforts of both sides, the labor force was rapidly increased by 20%, the cost was reduced by 1.5 million yuan/year, and the enterprise profit was increased by 18.15 million yuan. (Source: 2018 China Garment Association Journal)


Over the past six years, Risun has worked closely with JOEONE, and continued to improve after-sales service for its new needs. Risun has been focusing on customers.

Starting from a suit pants, JOEONE has ranked first in the comprehensive market share of suit pants for 21 consecutive years. JOEONE has been leading the industry with the reputation of consumers and the strength of men's pants industry for many years. In 2020, JOEONE won the sales market position of "global sales leading men's pants expert" certified by the authoritative organization Euromonitor Information Consulting Co., Ltd.. In recent years, it has appeared in Paris fashion week for many times. Through continuous brand upgrading, technological innovation and equipment innovation, JOEONE shows the world the self-confidence, self-reliance brand image of Chinese brands.


How to quickly improve production quality and efficiency? How to realize the innovative development of production technology? To maximize human efficiency, how should we build human-computer collaboration?

After the preliminary investigation, according to the demands of JOEONE and the actual situation of the factory, Risun responded quickly and carried out professional customized software development and intelligent manufacturing integrated equipment planning. Under the the alliance between giants, the perfect intelligent production workshop has been listed on CCTV and local news for many times, becoming one of the benchmark projects for intelligent transformation in China.

  • Install "Smart Brain"

Many enterprises are faced with the problem of "large product inventory", the core of which is: how to match production and consumption in real time? Avoid inventory backlog caused by mass production.

Risun has built an intelligent MES system for JOEONE, which provides data system support for the [production site screen] developed by it, and completes the one click direct connection of market sales data, production order data, quality inspection and after-sales data. The information and data center is composed of four systems: RFID data collection, intelligent suspension system, intelligent packaging and sorting system and intelligent robot. It connects with the original data system of JOEONE through the matching software design, runs through the entire data flow, realizes the connection between terminal sales data and workshop production data, and displays it in real time in the central command system for control.

With the command of "intelligent brain", the use of data by JOEONE has evolved from "seeing" to "insight" and "foresight".


  • Flexible production responded rapidly to market

Flexible production has gradually become one of the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, and it is also the requirement of the times to promote the vigorous development of intelligent manufacturing.

In the future, China's labor-intensive industries that win in mass production and low cost will be irresistible to move out to Southeast Asia. The only thing China can leave is a small batch and customized flexible manufacturing capacity—— Professor Min Tang, counsellor of the State Council

In the case of uncertain market demand, small orders, urgent orders and short orders have become popular, which virtually forces manufacturing enterprises to respond quickly, otherwise they will be out of the market step by step. In such an environment, JOEONE actively practices flexible production and hopes to achieve arbitrary switching between mass production and small batch production.

Based on this, Risun uses intelligent equipment and software systems to build an intelligent integrated system for it. It can not only clearly understand the real-time production situation of each production team, but also adjust and arrange the production plan in combination with the store sales data, so as to achieve rapid response and timely replenishment of orders, and avoid excess production and overstock of inventory.

At the same time, set up the exclusive production line code to realize the intelligent scheduling of production materials through the equipment, so that the functions of simultaneous production, rapid repayment and online quality control can be conveniently realized, effectively helping JOEONE reduce costs, increase product added value, and stand out in the fierce market competition.


  • Reduce costs and increase per capita capacity

The "Blue Dream" of the Chinese delegation dress for the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta was won the bid by JOEONE and was responsible for the production. The whole process took only 41 days, and the production time was less than 7 days. Behind this is the unremitting efforts of workshop workers, and the intelligent production workshop is indispensable.

The joint application of intelligent suspension system and automatic conveying system will change the current mode of using a single robot in the market, which can only be transported up and down or point-to-point. The network system will be used to link multiple robots to realize the whole production process from raw materials, cutting to coding, from lining, film matching to inspection, from shelving, sewing to ironing, packaging, and then sorting, packing and warehousing. All kinds of materials will be automatically transferred to each floor and section through equipment, especially in the logistics link. Almost all of the original manual handling will be replaced by machine operation, which greatly improves the operation efficiency of workshop batching and feeding.

Man machine cooperation helps to reduce work intensity, improve work efficiency, complete the transformation from labor-intensive manpower output to technical personnel training, effectively alleviate the difficult situation of recruitment, and build a production team for JOEONE.


Effect data:

1. The annual production capacity increased by 300000 sets/piece, and the labor efficiency increased by 20%;

2. The average annual labor cost saved was 1.5 million yuan, and the profit margin increased by 18.15 million yuan;

3. In 2017, the revenue was RMB 2.565 billion and the profit margin was RMB 610million, an increase of 35% over the same period of the previous year. Since then, the annual revenue has increased synchronously by 12%.

(Data from 2018 China Garment Association Journal and 2020 financial reports)

In the six years from 2016 to 2022, behind the continuous development and innovation of JOEONE, Risun has the honor to continue to provide products and services for its development.

In 2021, JOEONE will put the shooting site of the fashion blockbuster winter flowers on Risun factory. Models shuttle back and forth between rows of intelligent suspension systems, showing the harmonious beauty of technology and fashion, which is impressive.


In the past may, at the request of JOEONE, Risun training service team went to Fujian to carry out professional training on "production line balance". According to the equipment maintenance requirements and the application ideas of management tools put forward by customers, the teachers issued effective improvement plans on site, continuously optimized and improved the production workshop capacity, and reduced the efficiency loss and overproduction caused by unbalanced operation. The efficiency and professionalism of Risun training service team have won the recognition and praise of JOEONE.

We have been cooperating for 6 years. We are grateful for the trust of JOEONE and sincerely wish our career to reach new heights!

Providing customers with specialized, customized and intelligent products and services, and helping them quickly put into production and deliver high-quality products and services is only the beginning of Risun services. In the course of continuous service, Risun aims to help customers realize the advanced domestic intelligent production standards step by step, create new business peaks, win-win with customers and create a better future.

Five reasons why you choose Risun:

1. The first listed enterprise in China's textile and garment intelligent manufacturing industry (listed on the science and Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2020, stock code 688215)

2. National small giant enterprise (supported by the state, mastering domestic leading products, technologies and concepts)

3. China Sewing Machinery Association certifies top3 in the industry (many of its systems rank among the top 3 in the industry, with high popularity and strong influence)

4. 396 core patents and more than 500 product service personnel ((long-term focus on technology R & D and landing services in the field of Intelligent Manufacturing)

5. Thousands of strategic cooperation customers and nearly 20 domestic and foreign offices (serving domestic high-quality enterprises and expanding the territory of many countries in Asia)