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Alpen:Achieve the Gream of "Rising in the Central Plains" in Garment Making

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Alpen:Achieve the Gream of "Rising in the Central Plains" in Garment Making

Manufacturing is one of the pillar industries in China. It has created trillions of output value and also shoulders the livelihood of tens of millions of people.

For Henan Alpen Garment Co., Ltd., taking the opportunity of boosting the rise of the Central Plains, it will build an intelligent factory, create a large number of jobs, and lead the enterprise to become a first-class brand in garment manufacturing.

One. Development history of Alpen

Alpen was founded in 1992. After 30 years of hard work and development, Henan Alpen Smart Factory was invested and built in 2012, becoming one of the local leading enterprises. As a large-scale enterprise integrating brand design, intelligent manufacturing and personalized customization sales, it produces medium and high-end fashion and exports its products to more than 20 countries and regions such as Japan, Europe and North America.

Innovation has been driving the continuous development of Alpen. With the implementation of a number of independently developed system equipment and intelligent intelligent manufacturing integration system solutions, Alpen Garment Co., Ltd. was rated as a provincial smart manufacturing benchmark enterprise in Henan Province, and the only enterprise in the clothing industry in the province to win this title.

Taking the opportunity of helping "the rise of the Central Plains", according to the enterprise's planning blueprint, we will build an intelligent factory as the starting point for development and shape Alpen into a first-class brand in the clothing manufacturing industry. With this goal in mind, since 2013, Alpen has begun to explore the informatization of garment production. Through independent research and development of production management software and cooperation with excellent domestic intelligent manufacturing suppliers, Alpen has carried out intelligent transformation of enterprises to reduce manual intervention and improve factory efficiency and product quality. In this process, Ruisheng Intelligence has been able to work together with Alpen to achieve a win-win situation, to provide services for the implementation of the intelligent intelligent manufacturing integration system solution, to address their needs, and to achieve a leap in enterprise intelligent manufacturing.

Alpen mainly solves the following problems: 

The imbalance between production equipment, technical level and rapid development affects product quality;

The traditional garment production mode cannot meet the demand for high-quality products;

Transformation from extensive production to fine production;

Improve enterprise management efficiency and effectively control product quality.

Two. Solutions

On the way of cooperation between Arjen and Ruisheng, the two sides have always maintained a close cooperative relationship, constantly innovated in the running in, and tried to achieve the optimal solution.

How to establish digital management of enterprises? How to establish the production line of the whole plant in series? How to improve production efficiency and product quality?

1. Empower "Ability" with "Wisdom"

Alpen's unique understanding of intellectualization is that "only when you know, can you be intelligent and empower with intelligence". The first thing to do for intellectualization is to think and judge, have the ability of data sorting and analysis, first have the digital "intelligence", and then introduce automation equipment to jointly realize intellectualization.

Alpen uses information technology to improve the digital application level of garment manufacturing. Through the cooperation of UNIQLO, H&M, BALABALA and other well-known brands, it improves the R&D and innovation of the factory. Using the independently developed management system, it realizes the product traceability management by recording the production information of each piece of clothing in each section in real time.

With a formed database foundation, Ruisheng intelligently assists in the research and development of the data system of the whole production process. With the help of MES intelligent production management system, clothing ERP production management system, large-scale clothing production big data analysis system, data collection and analysis system, etc., it conducts comprehensive integration from various data resources such as sales orders, production processes, goods delivery, etc., to achieve personnel, orders, materials, processes, quality, products The comprehensive integration and utilization of logistics and other information can open up the data flow of the enterprise and realize the availability of data resources.

At the same time, combined with the same set of software configuration and operation interface, real-time monitoring, defect identification and classification, defective rework and other visual management in the production process are realized. It breaks the original decentralized system, reduces the operation difficulty of technical operators, and visually and clearly displays the real-time production data of the whole plant, facilitating flexible and lean management and resource scheduling. The controllability of the production process is improved, and the planning and scheduling are more efficient and accurate.


2. Improve production efficiency and product quality

For a factory with thousands of employees like Alpen, how to realize the series connection of the whole production line through technical means is the core of standardized production. "As long as there is high-tech support, the traditional industry can also become taller," said the Alpen manager.

According to the demand for the plant structure and capacity of Alpen Plant, Ruisheng Intelligent carried out detailed communication and scheme design. As an early supplier of RFID data acquisition technology in the industry, Ruisheng changed the traditional workstation single reader data acquisition mode to multi reader mode. The overall configuration capability of the system is improved, and the flexible configuration of parameters such as the delay time of entering/exiting clothes, the capacity of the station underwear rack, and the running time of the motor is realized, which can meet the installation and production requirements of different field scenarios and products.

Through the Ruisheng intelligent suspension system, the chips inside the clothes hanger can automatically screen the matching stations according to the production plan set in the database from the start of the cutting line. In this way, in line with the current situation of small orders, high customization and few skilled workers, the problems caused by traditional factory labor, such as raw material confusion, process errors and omissions, and multiple orders confusion, should be solved.


The multi order and high-capacity assembly line operation eliminates or significantly reduces the backlog of WIP and the dwell time. Compared with the traditional method, the transmission efficiency is improved by more than 5 times, and the capacity is increased by at least 20-30%. In the whole process, if there are problems such as defective products, wrong raw material cutting, color code number, etc., you can return to the defective station at any time to greatly reduce the rate of defective products and ensure product quality.

3. Build a four in one intelligent factory

High quality development is the theme of the times, and intelligent manufacturing is the proposition of the times.

The intelligent workshop in Alpen will have a revenue of 1.2 billion yuan in 2021. The intelligent chemical plant built by integrating "efficiency, innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection" will effectively promote the production efficiency and profit margin of the enterprise and win the development opportunity.


Effect data:

82 intelligent hanger lines have been established to effectively improve production capacity and product quality;

We completed the transformation of fine production, with an annual revenue of 1.2 billion yuan.


Three. Ruisheng will create a win-win future with customers

In the eyes of many people, the "native" clothing factory Alpen has become an "international model" in the continuous innovation and intelligent manufacturing reform. It has a resounding popularity and good reputation in the Greater East Asian cultural circle. Chinese intelligent manufacturing has gone global! 

Thanks for Alpen's trust, and sincerely wish the cause to reach another peak!

Ruisheng Intelligent will continue to help customers grow and help China's intelligent manufacturing with excellent technology and quality services. Win win with customers and create the future together!