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Smart Plant Planning

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Ningbo National High Tech Zone Chamber of Commerce visited factory of Zhejiang Risun for Exchange Activities
Ningbo National High tech Zone Chamber of Commerce visited Ruisheng Intelligent
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How does Jiangsu Tianyuan realize the upgrading leap of intelligent manufacturing?
It is one of the goals of the manufacturing industry for China's intelligent manufacturing to become a global manufacturing. In 2017, at the beginning of intelligent manufacturing in China, Jiangsu Tianyuan (one of the top 100 enterprises in China’s garment industry) opened its production line to the United States, producing 80000 pieces per day in 22 seconds. With the help of intelligent automation equipment, Jiangsu Tianyuan Garments achieved a leap in the industry!
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How can discrete industries such as clothing, automobiles, machine tools and electronic equipment seek digital leaps?
In this issue, Risun [intelligent manufacturing experts], focusing on China's manufacturing industry, will analyze the digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of discrete enterprises and discuss the leap of China's intelligent manufacturing. With the continuous upgrading and development of digital workshops in the industry, it is required that the management of typical discrete enterprises such as automobiles, machine tools and electronic equipment must have the awareness of digital transformation and prepare for intelligent upgrading.
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Breaking down data island, Kelme builds integrated manufacturing supply chain project
Kelme digital factory project is being stepped up, with the aim of completing the acceptance of the entire digital construction project next year.
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