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Is the low profit margin of manufacturing plants due to "not thinking"?

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Is the low profit margin of manufacturing plants due to "not thinking"?

"What to produce? How much is the cost? How much is the output?" This is the most concerned problem of manufacturing enterprises. If you want to establish a connection between planning and production, you need a big data system to help you build a bridge.

How to use big data to make overall use of all links of production? How to calculate and optimize the production efficiency of equipment and employees, so as to achieve the purpose of cost reduction and efficiency increase?

Risun smart manufacturing expert in this issue enables your factory to "think" from three aspects: system, application and thinking.

01 MES System = Factory Brain

Why do we need "factory brain"? The answer has two aspects: its own industry trends and customer demands.

Under the current environment of industrial structure upgrading, enterprises are being promoted to carry out "digital" transformation, which is not only an industry trend, but also the requirements of the external environment for enterprise development. At the same time, with the continuous development of enterprises, there is a higher demand for the management of production process, the control of product quality, the improvement of production efficiency, the incentive of staff productivity, and the timely adjustment of production variables.

In B2B and B2C business models, customers sometimes make certain demands on the manufacturer's production capacity, product quality, batch and other aspects to ensure their own interests.

Therefore, whether from the perspective of self efficiency and profit increase or customer needs, it is an inevitable choice to replace "empirical brain" with "digital brain" and move towards intelligent manufacturing.


In the intelligent construction of manufacturing industry, MES system is a topic that cannot be bypassed. Through the construction of enterprise digital management system, we can get through the information barrier of production management and execution department, and ensure the production efficiency from the system management of the whole assembly line, such as production plan, process traceability, worker scheduling and capacity allocation, quality inspection and shipment.

Some bosses will ask, "if I am a manufacturing enterprise, do I have to use MES?"

02 Complex = Simple

The desire to strengthen the control of the production process is the common ground of most manufacturing industries. MES system is actually one of the intelligent factory information systems, which has two main functions:

  • Require careful consideration to decide any production

All "thinking" should be supported by data, while traditional management often produces "based on my experience". How to efficiently collect data related to orders, production, production capacity, goods and sales is a key issue for the manufacturing industry.

For data collection solutions, Risun intelligence and the industry mostly adopt two methods:

(1) Bar code acquisition: low cost and high utility. Starting from the arrival of raw materials, the material batch number, product category, processing accessories, group number and other links are classified, corresponding to hardware equipment such as intelligent fabric warehouse, automatic cutting machine, intelligent cutting supermarket, so as to realize intelligent production.

(2) RFID (radio frequency identification) acquisition: in addition to the basic function of bar code acquisition, it can also read multiple tags at a long distance at the same time, with high security. The off-line sewing in the field of garment manufacturing and the intelligent storage system in the field of logistics can be widely used.

  • From very complicated to very simple

As we all know, manufacturing is a complicated process, and problems in the process will affect the whole. How to simplify production management is one of the headaches for managers.

The above figure is the hierarchical structure diagram of the basic MES system built by Risun intelligence, which covers various production processes of the manufacturing industry and is mainly divided into four management modules:

(1) Order module:

During the research and development of customer software, Risun intelligent decomposes the order management module in detail to help managers comprehensively manage the whole production process of enterprise manufacturing orders, including the task status, planning nodes, actual completion nodes, scrap quantity, trial cutting quantity, input quantity, output quantity and other real-time information of each order, each part, each process, and each group of stations, so as to facilitate plan adjustment and work scheduling.


(2) Technical process management module:

Do you think it's possible for an employee who has been on duty for 30 days to understand all the technical processes and the production processes of each process? The data system created by Risun intelligence allows employees to move their fingers.

Through the system, the technical process will be transformed into a visual data center monitoring system, flat panel display system, bulletin board software management system. Relying on the "brain" command of the overall plan, each process will report the actual completion of each stage in time. Set up data collection points such as patrol inspection and full inspection at key nodes, so that employees can enter the inspection results in time, trace the production quality process, find out in advance, give early warning, and promote the timely resolution of problems.


(3) Personnel management module:

We often think, "if only the people in our factory could top three."

But the fact is often that it is difficult to recruit ordinary employees, and it is even more difficult to cultivate excellent employees. The reason is that there is not enough self drive. He wants to improve efficiency and do more things today. How many steps does he need to achieve this?

Risun intelligence has systematically integrated the KPI management module with intelligent production to quantify the visual chart presentation and avoid artificial fraud. The more efficient employees do real-time production material tilting, the more components the intelligent suspension system will allocate to them. Those who can do more work. Onlookers looking at the rising wages on the screen above him will take the initiative to speed up, forming a virtuous circle.


MES system is an executive system, which connects ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CAPP (auxiliary production planning) at the front end and WMS (warehouse management system) and WCS (material control system) data center monitoring at the back end to carry out lean scheduling and unified command and control of materials, personnel, process instructions, equipment and other factory production resources.

In short, it is a "brain" to optimize the implementation based on the process we combed. It is a system tool that immobilizes, standardizes and intelligentizes human command, turns complex and cumbersome content into simple instructions, realizes man-machine collaboration, and improves manufacturing efficiency.

03 You think first, and then let the factory "think"

With the change of market environment, there are higher requirements for the transparency of manufacturing industry, factory capacity, multiple production lines and other production site management. The trend of intelligent transformation has attracted the attention of most enterprises, and MES system has also been included in the planning of enterprise development.

But before implementing the MES system, first ask yourself a few questions:

- what are our company's core requirements for system implementation?

- which MES system modules do I need and which do not?

- is there a matching intelligent device?

These problems need to be analyzed by themselves, which belong to the strategic planning level of the development of manufacturing enterprises, and are very important. Not only to solve the current business needs, but also with the change of enterprise development needs, these systems and equipment need to be optimized and upgraded accordingly. This requires a professional team to carry out the planning and design of integrated solutions for intelligent manufacturing, and long-term services from powerful and reputable enterprises, so as to truly implement.