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  • Q Intelligent coating equipment

    A Robotic project in painting workshop of a well-known car company in Chongqing
    In the original painting workshop, an in-vehicle sealant robot workstation has been added. The project includes the robot and its travel axis, electrical and control systems. When the robot is spraying, it extends from the window into the interior of the vehicle body, which requires high equipment safety and trajectory.
  • Q Smart Factory Planning

    A A group smart factory in Shandong
    1. This project is a national key project (100 million yuan), and the work includes the preliminary "feasibility study report", the application materials of the National Development and Reform Commission, civil construction requirements, overall process planning, etc.
    2. Including three-dimensional library, AGV, assembly line, welding line (68 robots) and many other equipment
    3. The overall information system such as MES software system
  • Q Yunbat Group

    A Jiangsu Yunbat Garment Co., Ltd. is a large-scale wool sweater production and export enterprise. The main product of the group is the sweater brand SHERFFER, which has been registered in the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries around the world, and its products are mainly sold overseas. Risun Intelligent provides intelligent stereo library system for it.
  • Q Assembly and inspection  automation equipment

    A A large state-owned automobile group At present, the group has about 30 axle production lines, which are relatively low in automation due to various reasons. The team designed a highly automated final assembly line for the group. The production line has about 34 stations, 13 6-axis robots, and line-side logistics and storage are planned at the same time. The new production line greatly improves the degree of automation and inspection level and efficiency.
  • Q Car skin conveyor line

    A Design of car skin conveyor line for Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Q Dayang Genesis

    Dalian Dayang Chuangshi Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and marketing of all kinds of medium and high-end clothing. It is a world-renowned expert in suit craftsmanship and sewing. The annual export volume of suits is 6 million pieces/set, ranking first in the country. In March 2007, it was selected as a global growth company by the World Economic Forum. CNN reported: "Dayang has the potential to redefine Made in China." Its brand "Chuangshi" is the representative of high-end Chinese men's clothing brands. Risun Intelligent provides hanging production system, hanging storage sorting system and palletizing robot system for Ocean Creation.
  • Q Laser welding equipment

    A Car seat trim welding:
    Laser welding workstation for Fortune 500 car companies. Welding car seat parts in car interior products. Car seats include rails, recliners, backrests and other components, all made by laser welding process.
  • Q Anta Tongan Smart Factory

    A Risun Intelligent is fully committed to the intelligentization of the whole factory built by Anta Tong'an Factory, and adopts the industry's first full-category, full-process through-type intelligent logistics handling production method from cloth pieces to ready-made garments. According to the data provided by Anta, after the smart factory was put into use, the production cycle was shortened from 15-30 days to 3-15 days, the human efficiency of the same product was increased by 18%-35%, and the production capacity was increased by 21%-28%. Streamlined by 15% and cost reduced by 11% year-on-year. Through the whole-process integration model, Anta Tong'an factory has achieved more precise, more efficient and high-quality manufacturing.



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