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Intelligent Logistics System


SUNRISE manual and electric clothing suspension system is an economical solution for sewing and ironing, which is conducive to improving the production site environment and quality management of enterprises, and improving production efficiency. The system adopts the design of rail pulley and fork road, which is suitable for various production environments.

The best choice for manufacturing, its hanging water flow helps to improve the quality of products, reduce the work intensity of employees, and improve the production environment.

The system can make full use of the space of the production workshop and smoothly transfer materials between the workshops and the upper and lower workshops, so that the scattered workshops form a large whole, thereby reducing the conveying time in the production process, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

The system is used with the intelligent clothing suspension system, which can organically connect all production links and realize easy handling. The flexible design of the turnout can meet the needs of different styles of products, easily realize the logistics requirements such as cache, repair, optimization, and merger, with convenient maintenance and high cost performance. The innovative four-way flow structure design ensures more flexible material transportation and easy operation. The system can be used in the upper sleeve area, the sewing area, the post ironing area, and in the three-dimensional warehouse.

SUNRISE manual electric transport line system features:

1. Improve on-site management: The system adopts hanging rail transportation, and the clothes do not need to be dropped, eliminating the need for carts and other equipment.

2. Improve product quality: The system adopts a single-piece hanging rail conveyance, and the clothes do not need to be dropped and bundled.

3. Improve production efficiency: The system adopts a lightweight pulley design, which is labor-saving and fast in conveying.